A Ritual in X Movements
available for purchase from Montez Press

A 2 year collaboration with poet Sahar Muradi, this publication is an investigation into the meanings behind rituals and food memories, as well as their tangential reaches beyond us and into our environments. Personal food histories are extrapolated into cosmologies as we attempt to re-construct solastalgic places.

“In contrast with viewing nostalgia as a re-experiencing of emotional pasts it may also be seen as a longing for times and places that one has never experienced.”
Food and Memory by Jon D. Holtzman

"'Genesis amnesia' can be described as a state of forgetting of one’s own origins—to not actively remember past forms of the self—which is fueled by our unwittingly objective interpretations of, in part, seemingly rational actions produced by works of institutions such as myths, rites, rituals, or bodies of law. In this way, for us, rituals both alleviate and contribute to genesis amnesia."
Outline of a Theory of Practice by Pierre Bourdieu (trans. Richard Nice)

"Solastalgia is a form of homesickness one gets when one is still at ‘home’... [It] is the ‘lived experience’ of the loss of the present as manifest in a feeling of dislocation."
Solastalgia: The Distress Caused by Environmental Change by Glenn Albrecht

Troy, NY + NYC