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Allie E.S. Wist is an artist-scholar and writer, currently working on an Interdisciplinary Arts PhD at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, with a focus on the senses, the Anthropocene, and  environmental archives. 
Her artwork encompasses photography, radio broadcasts, artifacts, writing, dinners, and experiential installations that render futuristic speculation accessible through sensory narratives. Wist has recently focused on the role of taste and aesthetics in accessing scales that exceed human subjectivity and in addressing abject ontologies. Many of these works involve relational epistemology in the form of what she calls “Climate LARPing,” and they concern the future of consumption and food culture as it applies to the Anthropocene and climate change in particular. While the inspiration for her works are driven by research into deep ecology and climate adaptation, they are also layered with more radical depictions of collapse and the adaptation to such states. More recently, Wist’s body of work has focused on future customs and traditions related to food and water, as well as nonhuman companionship as an important aspect to food futures.

Wist is co-founder of Mutamur, a futurist art and culture radio show. Her work has been exhibited in the Honolulu Biennial, The Wellcome Collection, and HESSE FLATOW. Recent publications include Food Futures: Sensory Explorations in Food Design [Promopress], and A Ritual in X Movements [Montez Press].

Wist received a B.A. in Media and Fine Art from Boston University, and an M.A. in Food Studies from New York University. She has been a photo editor and art director for several food publications including Bon Appétit and Saveur Magazine. She has over a decade of experience in food media and photoshoot production. She currently teaches at NYU and was recently the keynote visual artist speaker at SLUSH The Future of Circular Food in Helsinki, Finland.

Please email directly for more information on editorial and commercial work as a producer and photo editor. Production, styling, and photo editing portfolios can be found here and here.

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