Climate Changed Dinner Installation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"An Experience in Variability"
April 20, 2018

Plexi map shapes are layered entangled landscapes which interact at global scales within climate models and projections, including the Larsen C Iceberg, the Sahel region, the American Southwest, and the Great Barrier Reef.

A collaboration with Erwan Monier (MIT), Cafe Art Science, and Omnivore.
Curated by Jessica Ann Varner and Irmak Turan (MIT).

Trio of Mushrooms
Based on variations in climate adaptations
Dried: Dehydrated oyster mushroom, gaufrette potato
Foraged/Fresh: Sauteed Miatake mushroom, potato puree
Preserved: Pickled Hon Shimeji mushroom, confit potato

Preparation differed for guests based on their location
Squash and Cactus: cactus fruit gel, dehydrated fruits
Squash Tart: delacata and spaghetti squash, sorghum honey

Preparation differed for guests based on their location
Wild Striped Bass (Whole, Bone-In): daikon, bok choy, kelp dashi, wild garlic
Wild Striped Kelp-Wrapped Bass (Filet): dulse kelp buerre monte, wild garlic

Ice sheet had to be cracked by guests to consume
Pine Milk Parfait: pine smoke, labneh, fresh berries, juniper touille

Troy, NY + NYC