Re/Making Plastiglomerates
plastic, rocks, and various site-specific materials including nylon, beach glass, wild thyme, crustacean skeleton, porcelain, salt, plastic army men

2019, Shell House Arts
2017, MIT Climate Changed

Plastiglomerate-inspired sculptures in the shape of Arctic glaciers, primarily the Larsen-C Iceberg. "Plastiglomerate" is a term coined by Patricia L. Corcoran, Charles J. Moore, and Kelly Jazvac to define a new type of stone comprised of plastic, rock, sediment, and debris which functions as an anthropogenic marker. My project seeks to re-insert myself as a complicit member of the human species by re-making objects with detritus and plastic from local landscapes.

Rock, waste plastic, dirt, red moss, clear plastic

Beach detritus, broken ceramics, waste plastic, clear plastic, nylon pantyhose

Gravel, beach detritus, take out container clear plastic

Beach detritus, glass, waste plastic, clear plastic, nylon pantyhose 

Green army men, clear plastic, gravel

Rock, waste plastic, dirt, red moss, clear plastic                Foraged wild thyme, clear plastic

                                                                                    Table salt,  clear plastic

Troy, NY + NYC