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Forthcoming: “Climate Larping: Embodied Speculative Role-Play for Ecological Crisis.” In Unserious Ecocrticism: Humor, Wit, Play, and Environmental Destruction in North American Contemporary Art & Visual Culture, edited by Jessica Landau and Maria Lux, Amherst: Amherst College Press.

Forthcoming: “An-Archival Artist Practice for Anthropocene: Waste and affective ontological breakdowns,” Technoetic Arts 21 (2): np.

Forthcoming: “Sensory Anarchives for the Anthropocene,” Archiving the Anthropocene: New Taxonomies Between Art and Science, special issue of Holotipus 4&5: np.

Forthcoming: “Eating Temporalities: Food as an artifact of past and future environments and a medium for multi-temporalities.” In Environmental Futures, edited by Ludwig Weh, Wilmington: Vernon Press.

Edible; Or, the Architecture of Metabolism, group exhibition of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Tallinn, Estonia, 2022. Collaboration with Cathryn Dwyre and Chris Perry.

Anthropocene AnArchive
and Eating Temporalities: Food as an artifact of past environments, and a medium for multi-temporalities, making & doing presentation, 4S Esocite, Society for Social Studies of Science annual conference, Choula, Mexico, Dec 2022

Sensory Kinship of the Third Kind, workshop in collaboration with Lisa Schonberg, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY, October 2022; a collaboration with Lisa Schonberg

A Scale that Embodies Us: Sensory interruptions to the alienation of Anthropocene imagery, conference presentation, Extended Senses 2022, University of Greenwich, Sep 2022

Drought, Google Arts & Culture Exhibition, NRDC Art Works for Change, 2021-ongoing.

Being Human, Wellcome Museum. London, EN. 2019-2029.


University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy
Gastronomy, Creativity, and Ecology Masters
"Food and Art History", graduate intensive course, summer 2022

Part-time Faculty
New York University, New York, NY
"Food in the Arts: Food and Performance," graduate + undergraduate course, 2018-2021

Part-time Faculty
The New School, New York, NY
"Food + Media", graduate + undergraduate course, 2019-2020

Conference Presentations + Invited Talks

Anthropocene Anarchive and Sensory Knowledge for Changing Landscapes, conference presentations, FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology, Portugal, Sep 2022

Eating Temporalities: Food as an artifact of past environments, and a medium for multi-temporalities,
conference presentation, Anticipation 22, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Nov 2022

The Speculative Now: Food Ecologies, Entangled Stories, and Thinking Nature with Food
, guest lecture, Gastronomy, Creativity, and Ecology Masters Program at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy, October, 2021.

Food in Contemporary Eco-criticism: Landscapes and Entangled Stories, guest lecture, Parsons School of Design at The New School, October, 2021.

Dwelling in a Climate Crisis: Taste and Smell in the Anthropocene, presentation, EmergenC/Y, 2021 Association for the Study of Literature and Environment Virtual Conference, July-Aug 2021.

How Societies Forget: Mediating Space Through Smell, presentation, 2021 Joint Annual Conference, Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), June 2021.

Sensory Space/Time Practice, a participatory virtual-being-with sensory meditation, 2021 Contested Imaginaries, Concordia Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference, June 2021.

Thinking Food Futures, group exhibition, Residency Unlimited, on view digitally through 2021.

"Sensory Space-Time Continuum," LIVE RADIO OLFACTORY TRANSMISSION, Thinking Food Futures Symposium, hosted in collaboration with Residency Unlimited and Montez Press Radio, Dec 13th, 2020

Think OLIO: "Conjuring the Senses: Food Photography and American Society," November, 2020

Chatham University Food Studies, workshop: "How Artists Are Creating an Apocalypse of Food," July 2020

Resiliency2032, speaker: "Food Futures." June 2020

Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab, artist talk: #FromTheFuture. April 2020

MANA Contemporary, panel discussion: “Food + Culture: Sourcing." 2019. Recording available here.

School for Visual Arts, MFA Fine Arts: “Concocting the Future Present,” 2019.

Montez Press Radio: "The Future of Transhumanism," "Meals for the Apocalypse," “Tips on How to Stop Thinking Like a Human”, “Authorship in the Anthropocene”, “Disassembling Time”, “Hilma Af Klint & Futurism", Mathew Gallery. New York City. 2019

Residency Unlimited, speaker and event co-curator: “Dirt + Debt Suppers,” NYU Food Studies, New York City. 2019

The New School Food Writing Forum, panel chair: “Food Photography in the Digital Age”, New York City. 2019

Graceland University Food Symposium, keynote: “A Conversation of the Topic of Flooded”, Lamoni, IA. 2018

Bitten NYC, speaker: “On Food + Climate Change: Visualizing the Future”, New York City. 2018

Montez Press Radio: “Thinking Like a Computer," Mathew Gallery. New York City. 2018

SLUSH International Tech Conference, speaker: “The Future of Circular Food," Helsinki, Finland. 2017

Second International Conference on Food Design, presentation, speculative project: “Tower of Babel Authentic Food Co.,” The New School. New York City. 2015


Sensory Kinship of the Third Kind, group exhibition, Extended Senses, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, Sep 2022; a collaboration with Lisa Schonberg

Sensory Kinship of the Third Kind, installation, Emerge 2022: Eating at the Edges, Arizona Statue University, Nov 2022

Between the Waves, group exhibition, Collar Works, Troy, NY, May 1-7, 2022.

Surreality, HESSE-FLATOW. (CRUSH Curatorial). New York, NY. 2019.

“WHITE OUT: Underpressure and Other Human Failures,” FREEZE-THAW, 3S Artspace. Portsmouth, NH. 2018

Eat/ing Your Heart Out, CRUSH Curatorial. Amagansett, NY. 2017

Food Loves Tech. New York, NY. 2017

Flooded, Honolulu Biennial. Honolulu, HI. 2018.

An Experience in Variability, Climate Changed, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2018.

A Menu in Landscapes, The Center for Book Arts, 2019.

Preservation Artist Dinner, Almond restaurant + CRUSH Curatorial. 2017.

Measuring Time, Chelsea Music Festival. 2017.

Awards + Fellowships + Residencies

Artist Residency, Food Futures, Residency Unlimited. Spring 2020.

Artist Residency, Shell House Arts. Summer 2019.

Artists Imagining the Future of Climate Action — The Institute for the Future + The World Bank Climate Investment Fund, 2018.
MUTAMUR on Montez Press Radio—an experimental futurist radio program on ecology, art, deep time, and nonhuman encounters. Last month's episode was a discussion on geo-engineering with Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri. The show is a collaboration with Christian Hendricks, and our 2023 season starts the last weekend in January.

Troy, NY + NYC